Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Things to Consider when Looking for an Excellent Serviced Apartment in London

When going on a vacation, there are two options when it comes to accommodation. You may opt to stay at an expensive hotel suite and end up not having enough money left to explore all the places that you can visit during your trip. You also have the option to stay at a serviced apartment which offers the same level of service but at a lower price. If you are a practical person, staying at a serviced apartment is the better choice so that more funds can be allocated for other travel expenses such as food, vehicle rentals, and shopping. Here are some important things to consider in choosing the best place available.

An excellent serviced apartment in London, is not just affordable, it is also accessible and strategically located. There is no point in staying at a low-priced apartment when all the money you saved will just be used for travelling from one attraction to another. Not only is this going to cost you money, you will also be wasting precious time especially if you are just staying for a few days. A good location should be easily accessible from the airport and should be close to all the places that you are planning to visit.

Another point to consider is the facilities and services being offered. The apartment should have round-the-clock security, excellent facilities, and other services that would make you feel like you are staying at your second home. There is no need to compromise quality especially if there are apartments that can be booked at a discounted rate.

Lastly, planning ahead will allow you to compare possible choices and book the best rate among your top choices. A lot of serviced apartments in London also offer huge discounts for clients who book ahead of time. Thus, by thoroughly planning your vacation, you can go for the most excellent option without stretching the budget you set.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Serviced Apartment Marylebone: The Perfect Home for Art Lovers and Shopaholics

Serviced apartments are slowly gaining popularity over renting hotel suites. Unlike expensive hotel rooms, these apartments are quite spacious and have all the home appliances that may not be available in hotels, such as a washing machine, a flat iron, and a microwave oven. If you are planning to stay at a serviced apartment Marylebone is an ideal spot.

Marylebone is situated near Baker Street and Mayfair. If you love art, it will be a delight to know that this place is just a few minutes away from different museums and galleries. Tourists can go to their favourite attraction without worrying about getting lost or not being able to rent a vehicle to take them for a tour.

Marylebone is also close to different malls and boutiques, so shopaholics could but all the clothes and accessories they could buy, without worrying about not being able to go back to the apartment at the end of the day. Since there are year round promo rates, clients do not have to worry about spending a huge chunk of money on accommodation. Instead, the extra money could be used to purchase other attraction tickets or enjoy good food at famous restaurants and bars.

When it comes to choosing the best place to stay at when in London, always remember Marylebone. This apartment is a complete package, and it has everything that someone on vacation could ever ask for. Aside from having complete facilities, being strategically located, and being quite affordable, they also offer free services such as security, cleaning, baby sitting and grocery shopping, some of which are not available when staying in a hotel.

Overall, staying at a serviced apartment is a very practical option. If you are able to reserve a room from Marylebone apartments, you will definitely be able to make the most out of your well-deserved vacation.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Looking For Serviced Apartments in London

London is possibly one of the best cities to live in the UK. If you’re considering spending a few days in the area for work or play, try checking out serviced apartments London. The apartments all come with the necessities for day to day living plus a bit more. When choosing apartments in London, following are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind:
Location is crucial if you’re seeking out a London apartment for a limited period of time. You need to find something with easy access to the railway system. Take note of where you intend to go when in London and opt for an apartment that is near that area. In some cases, the apartment’s management can also get you in contact with a cab service for transportation purposes. You might also want to find something close to the malls, allowing for easy purchase of any food items.

What exactly do you need during your stay? A serviced apartment Marylebone can offer more than just the basic bed and bathroom. Instead, individuals can get room service, electronics, furniture and access to the internet. The contents of each room vary but are subject to changes, depending on your specific needs. Some of these apartments come with their own kitchenette which is definitely a plus.

Any good apartment offer will provide online views of their rooms and living area. Use this to make comparisons and check out if the space is good enough for the purpose necessary.

Of course, don’t forget to ask the cost of the apartment. There are those with flexible rates and offers discounts depending on how long you’re staying.

Choosing a London apartment for vacation or business purposes shouldn’t be too hard thanks to the internet. Try checking and comparing online before making a decision.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Studio Apartment Marylebone – Sites To See

When checking out a Studio Apartment Marylebone, it’s important to find one that is near your preferred destinations. This is especially true if you’re in London to play tourist and soak in as much of the sites as possible. But what exactly can you find in Marylebone? Following are some of the must-see landmarks here.

Animation Art Gallery

For the young adults who happen to grow up during the comic era, the Animation Art Gallery offers a wonderful array of items. There are limited edition items on display, sketches and products from practically all famous sources of animation today including Walt Disney, Marvel and DC.

London Zoo
The London Zoo is one of the most popular destinations in the city with more than 12,000 animals living within the premises. They have a Gorilla Kingdom, an Aquarium, Butterfly Paradise and even a pool for penguins! This is something that every person from different age brackets can enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes Museum
For fans of the greatest detective in the world, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is definitely a treasure trove. It occupies the same address as the famous detective in Baker Street. Inside, you can take pictures of an almost perfect replication of the detective’s house. There are also wax figures from famous dictions of Sherlock Holmes in movies. Souvenirs and other items can also be bought here.

Oxford Street
Oxford Street is the shopper’s heaven in London. It contains more than 300 shops where tourists can buy as much as they want for the friends back home.

Of course, those are just few of the choices you have when vacationing in the area. Presidential Serviced apartments typically provide their guests with maps as part of the welcome package. Through this, guests can easily determine where they are and how to go to different parts of city.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Service Apartment Kensington – The Local Attractions

When looking for a Serviced Apartment Kensington, it’s always a good idea to find a site near the famous attractions. This is especially true if you’re considering going through the different tourist spots and making the most out of your London trip. But what exactly can you find in Kensington? Following are the different attractions in the Kensington area.

Science Museum
Definitely something that everyone in the family will enjoy, the Science Museum is home to various products of progressive technology. In here, guests will find different inventions and discoveries that have paved the way for the quality of life we enjoy today.

Those who prefer to wallow in the beauty of nature can visit the Serpentine and check out this famous natural landmark. The Serpentine is a lake named for its curved shape. From here, you can see a great part of London or if you prefer a quick dip in the waters. It’s a great place for honeymooners to drop by.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground
Named for the Princess Diana, this playground is definitely something kids can enjoy in. Even adults will like the playfulness of the environment even if they can’t partake of the activities. The playground has trails, toys, tepees, pirate ships and more.

Hyde Park
Another landmark within the Kensington area, Hyde Park is a known spot for tourists and locals alike. The park offers various activities that will suit groups, couples and family visits. Some of the activities available here include rowing, pedal boats, Solarshuttle, paddling pools and more.

With so many attractions in Kensington, it’s crucial to find an accommodation that allows you to explore all of these. Fortunately, there are several ApartHotel London accommodations available within Kensington. These rooms may offer more than just the basic bed and bathroom. They can also provide communication facilities, a kitchenette, maps to the famous destinations and more.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Serviced Apartments Kensington Characteristics

The serviced apartments Kensington are located in the exclusive neighborhood of central London. This series of apartments can offer stylishly designed and spacious studios. These apartments have one bedroom each. The entire space has been furnished with patterned Siberian Oak floor. This is decorated with a wide range of elegant furniture. Some of the additions that you can find in the apartment include sofa beds and walnut cupboards. The apartments can accommodate additional guests. Also, they are highly appropriate for a long-term or a short-term stay.

Each of the serviced apartments is equipped with a complete kitchen with black walnut fixtures. The kitchen also has a marble granite worktop. Aside from this, the apartment is fitted with a dishwasher and a ceramic oven and hob. This is also equipped with the following: (1) kitchen utensils; (2) refrigerators; (3) extractor; and (4) washer and drier.

For entertainment purposes, the apartment has a high definition plasma television with screens that range from 22 to 42 inches in measurement. The dimensions of the television unit that will be placed in the unit will highly depend on the absolute measurement of the flat. For the larger units, the apartment will include an additional television unit. The flats have a DVD player, free WiFi connection, and free access to the selected satellite channels.

Because these apartment units are mainly situated between the fashionable Kings road and the Earls Court exhibition centers, the flats can be highly ideal for the leisure and the business travelers. The presidential serviced apartments can offer a wide range of guest-oriented services. In turn, these can guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable stay. In the long run, the features in the apartments can help you have a pleasant and a relaxing stay, regardless of the length of stay that you intend to have.

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Reel Deal at Film4 Summer Screen

At the Somerset House in London, the Edmond J. Safra Court which is an 18th century courtyard with a huge screen, hosts Film4 Summer Screen, an annual open-air cinema. It features a range of movies shown on a huge screen in full surround sound. Enjoying a documentary, an action-packed film, a subtle flick, or whatnot is possible.

Movies shown at the courtyard are nothing but the best. The films have all been carefully chosen to always leave an impact on the viewers. The members of the group in charge of the line-up are creative with an immense appreciation for works. Over the years, the list has included This is Rome and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. If you plan on attending the festival, the movie-lover in you won’t be dismayed.

The Ambiance
As the al fresco cinema is unlike any other, watching a movie is made comfortable for you. At the Somerset House, there is a guarantee of you getting to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors. Guests aren’t allowed to smoke and there are security personnel ensuring the place is safe. With that, you can peacefully either catch a glimpse of the tale on screen the usual way by sitting on a chair and munching on a favorite snack or you could pack up a sleeping bag and a pillow as you doze off.

Themed Events
The different themes are what make the Summer Screen festival stand out and attract local and international film lovers of all genres. From movie selections to the design of the courtyard, committees go all out. Among the popular Film4 organized events is the FrightFest that is held every August of each year. For this, attendees, regular and non-regular alike, embark on a journey into epic fantasy and horror realms.
If you long to experience what it’s like to watch a movie as if it were real, head to the Somerset House. And, since you’ll be going there, you might as well stay for a while and enjoy the rest of the awe London has to offer. Visit the place, be around for days or weeks even, and check in at one of the finest holiday lets in London.